From One Mom to Another – Ginger’s Story

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As you know by now, at Mommi we are passionate about pregnancy and are so inspired by the many stories we have heard as we have asked for you to share your experiences in motherhood. This post comes from Jaime Callister, an RN & Former Director of  Orthorpaedic Traumatology for the Univeristy of Utah… and most importantly, mom to 2 sweet boys.


I would like to nominate Ginger Chadwick Ross as the featured Mommi of the Month. Ginger is an amazing mommy to sweet twin angel boys, Rex and Rogue, and to 1 year old, Dax. She started her own business, Guardian Angels Massage and Bodywork, to help ease the pain and suffering of mommies who have lost their babies.

But let me go back to tell the full story about why I admire Ginger so much. I met Ginger 18 years ago on June 3, 1997. Why do I remember the exact date? Simple, it was my High school graduation night. Some friends and I were out late up to no good shenanigans when we got hungry and decided to go to Taco Bell. We saw two girls trying to order at the walk up order and the man at the window wouldn’t allow them to do so. So, I opened the back of my Trooper and had them hop in to place their order. Who’d a thunk that 18 years later that chance encounter would lead to lifetime friendship?

Ginger and I have been through a lot of firsts together, marriages, kids, etc. But what happened to Ginger just over 2 years ago was something I could never have imagined. After struggling to get pregnant, she found out not only was she pregnant, but with twins! I was overjoyed for her and her husband, Jeff, and even more so when we found out they were boys! Ginger had what seemed a routine pregnancy; morning sickness, insomnia, craving, etc. then around 20 weeks she started to have complications.

She was hospitalized and at 22 weeks had to deliver Rex and Rogue. Unfortunately, they were too small, tiny, and perfect, and they did not survive. I have never felt pain like that nor could I even imagine what Ginger and Jeff went through. I know my heart was broken for them and I cried, but I know my sadness was moot compared to theirs.

It is Ginger’s strength and unwavering conviction of love that make her somebody I admire. Her business, Guardian Angels Massage, donates massages to help ease the grief and suffering of mothers who have lost their babies. It is said that sometimes the simple act of touching can help heal a broken heart. She is also involved with the Nora Madelyn Foundation which helps with costs and funeral arrangements as well as having a beautiful ceremony where the baby’s name is read aloud and a monarch butterfly is released.

The photo we decided on for this article was taken by photographer Dax Mcmillian of Newberg, Oregon. He wanted to create a family photo that included the sweet angel twins. I’d say he nailed it.  Makes me tear up every time I look at it. It’s so beautiful. A most loving and appropriate tribute to a family who has been through so much.


For more information on Guardian Angels Massage and Bodywork, please visit

10 Ways to Reduce Nausea During Pregnancy

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You’ll constantly hear about why it’s so important for you to eat healthy during your pregnancy. But what do you think one of the biggest obstacles is for why we don’t?! I hear (and remember) that nausea during pregnancy makes it difficult to follow a healthier eating regime even if you were eating healthy prior to becoming pregnant.

I’ve decided to write out a list of ten tips to help minimize nausea during pregnancy so you can better focus on your nutrition, and that of your baby. Please note that if you are vomiting often during your pregnancy that you can quickly become dehydrated. Therefore, consult with your physician if you are continuing to vomit, as you may need to be on a prescription to prevent malnutrition and dehydration.

1. Eat frequently, even if you don’t want to- Nausea is amplified when you have an empty stomach. If you constantly have a small amount of food in your stomach the nausea will be dramatically decreased. In fact, you should keep snacks in your purse, car, office desk, and especially by your bed. Before I would physically get out of bed in the morning I would eat something. For me, a banana even 10 minutes before I crawled out of bed was the difference between me throwing up in the morning or not. 😉 The moment you’re actually hungry you’ll feel sicker as the acids are left to digest only the stomach lining.

2. Complex Carbs only- I hear women often talk about eating bread or crackers to minimize morning sickness. However, “simple carbs” such as white bread, pasta, crackers and sugar can lead to low blood sugar, which triggers nausea! So eat whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, steel cut oats or quinoa instead. These complex carbohydrates will make you feel fuller, longer and won’t spike your blood sugar.

3. Avoid smells and foods that trigger your nausea- For me this was red meat. The smell or even thought of eating it would make me want to up-chuck all over the place! For a lot of pregnant women it’s specific tastes or odors that can trigger nausea. So whatever your trigger is…keep it out of the house! Also, if needed, nicely tell your friends or co-workers that certain perfumes or colognes cause you to be sick because of “pregnancy nose” (any pregnant woman knows that your sense of smell is times ten, so they’ll understand!). 😉

4. Drink your water- Your body needs water for all your organs to function properly. Shoot for a minimum of 3-4 Liters daily. Many women don’t realize that being dehydrated actually causes more nausea and headaches! So drink up. Tip- add some fresh raspberries or other fruit to your water to give it more flavor.

5. Ginger anyone?- This is actually one that is clinically proven to at least moderately relieve your nausea. You can buy capsules or even ginger tea. For me, I also enjoyed having a Ginger Beer (it’s not alcoholic for those that are wondering) every once it a while. Made my tummy feel better, and was a little treat/indulgence from time to time. Also, I have to share that my favorite brand is Cock N’ Bull- YUMMY!!!!

7. Take a B6 Vitamin- This is another supplement that has shown to combat nausea. Most reports and studies show you don’t need a high dosage either, just about 25 mg, 2-3 times spread out during the day.

8. Get in your Protein- Many women have told me that they have a hard time with eating protein during their pregnancy. Since protein is the best source of energy this is actually one of the best ways to prevent nausea! If you can’t get protein from animals make sure to get it from other sources. Beans, tofu, nuts, seed, or Mommi brand protein powder are some alternatives you can use. Also, protein right before bed will help the morning sickness be a lot weaker upon waking up so try a small scoop of peanut butter right before bed or eat half of a all natural protein bar before you go to sleep and then right upon waking up finish it before you get out of bed.

9. Take Digestive Supplements- Indigestion leads to nausea. Some women have found that certain herbal teas have helped. Others find digestive enzymes, which aid in naturally breaking down your foods will reduce nausea, bloating, and gas (any other women notice that when your man transferred his sperm he somehow also transferred his gas to you as well?!).

10. Fit in time to exercise- Aside from the benefits of keeping your body in optimum shape, it also can help reduce nausea. This is because CO2 buildup in the blood can cause it. I have a girlfriend that even told me this week when she works out she is less nauseous that day.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I hope a few of these tips can minimize your morning sickness so you can focus on more important things…like a good name for your baby?! 😉

Bio: Lynn Manning is wife of celebrity trainer Drew Manning (fit2fat2fit). She is a certified Women’s Fitness Specialist and mother of two girls. She shares healthy recipes, at home workouts and other fitness guidance through her social media and website.




From One Mom to Another – Desarae’s Pregnancy Story

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Every once in a while you meet a fellow mom that just blows you away with their strength and perseverance. That happened for me at ExpoWest in early March when I met Desarae Fowler, one of the creators of the ever-so-popular food blog OhSoDelicioso. Every month at Mommi I plan on celebrating some of the amazing women I meet along this mompreneurial journey. Creating a human being is the single most amazing miracle one can accomplish and yet often the moms who make it happen (along with the wonderful dads out there) go unnoticed. It’s our goal that none of you feel unappreciated for the work you do every day in being a mother.

With that, our first post is dedicated to Des – a wonderful mother of 3 who is also 8 months pregnant with #4 with an incredible story of motherhood that we just had to share. Enjoy!


Erin: Tell us a little bit about your family and what led to you eventually becoming a mother yourself.

Des: I met my husband Nate my first year in college. We lived in the same apartment complex— his roommate went out with my friend…then about 6 months later Nate asked me out. We started dating seriously about a year after we met and we were married in SLC in the worst blizzard they had had in about a decade. It was mess! But a beautiful one! Our marriage is full of a lot of laughter, busy children and lots of Mexican food – our favorite!

Erin: We want to learn more about your journey in becoming a mother – from what I understand it has come with quite a lot of challenges and ups and downs!

Des: My pregnancy is unique (and 1.2.3. here comes the novel!!) When I was 13 I was diagnosed with lupus. My lupus took over my body- more specifically my organs. It had attacked most of my major organs and in particular my kidneys were failing. My doctor described them as looking like ocean sponges. So their protocol was chemotherapy. It was to heal my organs and help redevelop new healthy cells. I was on several medications to suppress my immune system, several medications to keep me from being nauseous and to keep my heart-burn under control (all the throwing-up kind of ruined my stomach and sphincter). I also had to take blood thinners (I had also had a blood clot- lupus attacked my blood). It took three years of one of the oldest and hardest chemotherapies ever developed to pull me out of the flare and keep me alive. By the end the doctors told me a few things they thought they knew for sure #1. “Your reproductive organs are probably fried. You will not be able to get pregnant.” and #2. “Even if you can get pregnant you shouldn’t! If this severe flare-up happens while your hormones are out of whack from puberty imagine what will happen when your hormones go out of whack with a pregnancy.” So needless to say, I grew up thinking I would never have children of my own.

At that point on I kind of entertained the idea of adoption. Maybe I’d try for one kid…if I was lucky. But I knew my family would be small, and maybe not from my body. When it was time I would know what to do.

A couple years after being married we decided it was time to try for a baby, despite all the odds. I hadn’t had a flare-up in years and my doctors confirmed everything with my lupus was under control. It took me about 8 looooong months to get pregnant. But I did get pregnant! My parents cried for fear of my life, but I cried that I could have my own little baby. My pregnancy, despite some complications I’ll explain later, went smooth. No lupus flare-ups, no blood clots. So we tried for a second, and then a third. And now…I’m on my fourth!! My children have been such a blessing in my life. I feel like I was born to be a mama. Not a CEO, or a movie star. A mama. And I love this job.

While some women struggle to get pregnant- my struggle comes after I’m pregnant. While some women pay tens of thousands of dollars to get pregnant, I pay tens of thousands of dollars to keep me healthy during my pregnancy. I have to take Lovenox daily, which is a VERY expensive blood thinner. I have to see a regular OB/GYN and a maternal fetal medicine doctor. I have to get several ultrasounds, NST’s twice a week, expensive strong heart-burn medications, and during this pregnancy in particular I have required 2 iron infusions. My body has felt the toll that pregnancy and motherhood take. Because of the damage done to my body years and years ago I have to work hard to keep organically healthy. Vitamins and pills are not absorbed the way someone without my condition would absorb them. I need a good balanced diet or I’m in trouble (full of veggies and Mommi 3-in-1! yay!) and of course, exercise. I have to slow down, even when life is screaming in my face to do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, pick up children, etc. I have to just stop and listen. It’s hard! But these children are so worth it. I know that they are a miracle and they bless me every day with their special personalities. They are the most precious gift anyone can be given.


Erin: Thank you so much for sharing your unique experience in becoming a mother – I vow to never complain again about the aches and pains of pregnancy! If you can share some advice to the moms out there reading this what would you say?

Des: I would definitely say patience and love goes soooo much farther than anyone can even imagine to these little children. It’s so easy to get annoyed and frustrated, to boil over and just yell. Those type of behaviors from me do not help or change the behavior of my child. When I teach them with love and show patience with them and  the little things that annoy me THEN I always see a light sparkle in their eyes and behaviors magically change.

Erin: From everything I have seen you are an incredible mother. How do you think your kids would describe you?

Des: How would my kids describe me in one sentence? I wish they were awake so I could ask them! I have no idea. Haha. I would hope they would say fun, loving, and beautiful…but they might say a homework slave-driver and bossy. Haha

Erin: Des thank you so much for allowing us to feature you on Mommi! You are incredible and I bet your kids would say the same thing! You can follow Des and 5 of her awesome friends on their blog OhSoDelicioso – but beware. You will get really hungry so be prepared to try some of their awesome recipes!


Erin: One last question Des – how do you drink your Mommi 3-in-1?

Des: Well, my favorite is the Vanilla Mommi 3-in-1 and I need lot’s of fiber when I’m pregnant. So, I blend together 2 scoops of vanilla Mommi 3-in-1 in 12 oz of low-fat milk, a cup of raspberries, a chopped up pear and 1 cup of ice until smooth. It always hits the spot in the morning! We put the recipe on OhSoDelicioso for our followers – hope you enjoy!


Welcome to Mommi

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Where do I even begin? Mommi has been such a long journey that started about a year ago, when I was 3-months pregnant with my first child, the little love of my life, Jordyn Nicole. My husband Seth and I call her JoJo for short. We found out we were pregnant with her 3 months after we got married – and we were thrilled about it. I was 32 when we said ‘I do’ and I didn’t want to hesitate to start a family. I know most women don’t worry about infertility until their late-30s to early 40s, but for the last few years I had received one too many lectures about how I needed to start thinking about freezing my eggs, and how my biological clock was certainly ticking and I needed to act now! So it was a very exciting night when the 22nd pregnancy test I had taken was actually positive:). We started laughing hysterically because I think neither one of us really knew what was in store or how to prepare for parenthood – but we were definitely up for the challenge.

The next month was full of excitement as we planned how to tell our families, and I started reading everything I could on what to expect during my pregnancy. I had already been taking pre-natal vitamins for about a year in preparation for the day I could try for children, and now that I was actually pregnant I started paying very close attention to what I was eating and how I treated my body. I didn’t want to jeopardize anything about my baby’s development and I had heard enough horror stories to keep me on my tiptoes when it came to health.

It was easy at first to eat healthy. I have been vegetarian since I was 8 years old so I knew how to eat my veggies, and I always enjoyed healthier versions of popular meals. But then one day I felt absolutely sick to my stomach – and it didn’t go away for the next several months. The only thing that made me feel better was potatoes, pasta, and white bread and butter. It was the only thing I could keep down or think about without wanting to throw up. I couldn’t swallow the giant pre-natal horse pills I had been taking, and my normal sources of protein were completely unappetizing and made me even more nauseous. So I started looking into protein shakes – I didn’t want to take any chances by not getting the proper nutrition I needed to grow a healthy baby.

What I found surprised and discouraged me. Most of them had labels that warned against taking if you are pregnant/nursing, so I wasn’t getting any protein at all and the days and weeks kept rolling on with no sign of relief. It was at that time that I developed the idea for a protein powder that included pre-natals and DHA, and called my dear friend, Dr. Yvonne Bohn, to help with the formulation. With her help we developed Mommi – a company dedicated to the health and wellness of expectant mothers and their unborn children. TwinLab loved the idea and partnered with us and we were off and running toward finalyzing our first product of a vanilla and chocolate protein powder, safe for pregnant women, and making it more convenient to get all the essential pre-natal vitamins and protein needed each day during pregnancy.

Especially now that I get to hold my sweet daughter in my arms every day, I realize more than ever how important it is to have a healthy start to a healthy life for our unborn children. It’s with this excitement that Mommi hits the shelves in March. We hope this is the start of something very special for moms and babies everywhere.

As with any venture I would love your feedback and can answer any questions you might have. I can be reached at Here’s to health and new beginnings! provides information designed for educational uses only. You should consult with a healthcare professional if you have concerns or questions about you or your families health or preventative care. Using indicates you agree to the Terms of Use of

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