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5 Smoothie Hacks for a Healthier Pregnancy

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Sometimes a nice, tart, fruity smoothie is the only thing that sounds good when you are pregnant (or am I speaking for myself???). The problem is you still might not get everything you need nutrient-wise for your growing baby. Here are a few hacks to get the extra vitamins/minerals and protein you need, without compromising on taste for your crazy sensitive taste buds.

  1. Coconut Milk Ice Cubes – If milk isn’t doing your body good because you can’t choke it down, try this. Use water as your main liquid in your smoothie/shake, and then instead of ice cubes to make it frothy, add a few frozen coconut milk cubes instead. Freeze them and then throw them in a zip lock in your freezer to make it easier next time you pull out the blender. Coconut milk is FULL of healthy nutrients, like calcium and fats that you desperately need while growing another human.
  2. Crushed Flax or Chia Seeds -Like peanut butter needs jelly to make a delicious sandwich, you need Omegas to help make a healthy baby. But often you can’t stomach the smell, let alone the taste of fish oil. We get it – it’s awful! So try crushed flax seeds in your smoothie/shake. They will blend into your drink so smoothly you will hardly notice, and you will get those Omega 3’s you need without the nasty aftertaste and/or burps throughout the day. It’s a great alternative.
  3. Pregnancy-safe Protein Powder – You are technically supposed to get 75-95 grams of protein every single day during pregnancy (you need more if you are having more than one baby!). Even if you are a major carnivore, it’s hard to get that much when you are pregnant. So try a pregnancy-safe protein powder! If you aren’t sure about the safety, check the label. There will be a warning sign specifically for pregnant/nursing women. Or you can just try Mommi 3-in-1! It was designed for pregnant women so it’s full of good nutrition that won’t harm you or baby while you are growing together.
  4. Oats Oats and more Oats! – Carb is no longer a 4-letter word when you are pregnant! It’s time to rejoice but only if you are getting the right kind of carbs and not shoveling white toast and mashed potatoes down your throat all day (but no judgement if you are – that’s what I did when I was sick and pregnant and I had 75 pounds of weight gain to show for it). Eat better carbs to improve energy, help fill your belly, add an amazing full flavor to smoothies/shakes, and wait for it… boost milk supply if you are breastfeeding! Seriously oats do WONDERS for your breastmilk supply. If you are like me you aren’t high on oatmeal or warm food while you are pregnant and not feeling great. But adding them to a smoothie is a great way to go. We have a ton of recipes on our Instagram @mommihealth.
  5. Drink a Rainbow – I could not keep down green smoothies while I was pregnant. No matter how hard I tried to eat like a beautiful vegan goddess, my body (or baby, who knows) rejected it EVERY TIME. However, I found that when I added a frozen banana to my smoothie/shake alongside spinach and kale, I was good to go! The tangy creaminess of the ripe and frozen banana covered up the taste of the greens but I still got all the benefits. So think about adding all the colors to your shake if you can’t keep down the pure green goodness. And if you can drink the green while expecting, then more power to you!

Do you have smoothie hacks of your own? We want to know what they are! Let us know how these work for you as well – we’d love to hear from you and make more suggestions to our pregnant/breastfeeding friends out there. Afterall, it takes a village!  Happy smoothie-making mamas!


Best of ABC Kids 2015 – The Best New (and FREE) Breastfeeding Tool!

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At the ABC Kid’s Show in Vegas the week before last I was the Queen of pump and dump! I had never left my baby boy while still breastfeeding and I didn’t want to give it up for a little 3-day work trip. So – I decided to pump. Which led to the most embarrassing breastfeeding moment of my entire life so far – I hope anyway:).

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.35.17 PM

3am Road Trip to ABC Kids!


I left my house at 3am to drive to Las Vegas in time for an 8am meeting Monday morning – the 2nd day of the expo. I arrived at 7:30am exhausted but ready for a full day, and extremely engorged! I ran into the conference center, found the closest bathroom, and pulled out my single breast pump. I found an outlet and put my cardigan over to conceal my frontside because I had forgotten my trusty Covered Goods nursing cover at home (sad face). While women filed in the bathroom in a long line I just sat there on the dirty bathroom floor and pumped away trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Then my breastmilk started filling into the tubes aughhhhh! I went to fix it and my cardigan fell off exposing my bare chest. But that’s not the embarrassing part! As I scrambled trying to pick it up I dropped the single breast pump on the ground (the gross and dirty ground) and my milk started squirting milk everywhere and all over the mirror! Aughhhhh I was so embarrassed. The things we do to preserve our milk supply right??? The best part was 10 minutes later when I found out that there was a beautiful nursing lounge on the 2nd floor I could have gone to pump in comfort.

So all of this leads me to the best thing I found at ABC Kids. Ameda!!! First of all – I must be so focused on Mommi business that I totally missed that insurance companies are now offering a double breast pump FOR FREE! Did you guys know this??? What rock have I been living under? When my new best friend from Ameda came over to the Mommi booth and let me know about this great perk, I was stoked… and then destroyed because my baby is too old to qualify. Even though I knew I was missing out until my next baby came along, I decided to visit their booth and do a little video to tell you the good news and also show you all of the coolest breastfeeding tools they have available for you!

HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT???? Actually 2 cool things – 1) Free double breast pump with most insurances (to check if yours is one of them check Ameda’s website HERE) and… 2) All the amazing innovation with breastfeeding products – and especially the double pump with clean tubes that your milk can’t fill up and that you don’t have to clean.

I love my new Ameda double breast pump!!!

I love my new Ameda double breast pump!!!

As I packed up to leave after doing our interview the Ameda ladies gave me the best surprise that made me CRY… they gave me a double breast pump!!! I was seriously so bummed out when I found out that I couldn’t get my own double pump from insurance so when they gave me this one I felt like it was Christmas. I have been using it now for the last 2 weeks and let me tell you guys… it is a GAME CHANGER. I have never had a double pump before and it is saving me so much time. The settings on the pump that you saw in the video are so easy to use and I feel like it gets my milk out so much faster. If you find out your insurance doesn’t get you a free one then go get one from Ameda and you will be in breast pump heaven … which now exists for me haha.

Thank You! Thank You!

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