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A Grand Adventure is About to Begin

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A Grand Adventure is About to Begin

— Winnie the Pooh

Seth took me on a date the night we took the pregnancy test that said positive. It was funny because we had been trying for several months and I had taken countless tests and was “over it”. On the way home we realized we needed milk or our daughter would freak out on us in the morning, so at checkout he surprised me by throwing a little test on the conveyor belt. Then the adventure began!

I fell off the face of the earth and onto my couch for the next 3 months because I got incredibly sick! I was hoping I wouldn’t because my pregnancy with my 2nd boy Jamie was so smooth. But this one reminded me all too much of my 1st girl JoJo. So unfortunately the joy that overcame me when I found out I was pregnant was majorly overshadowed by extreme nausea 24/7.

Then the mom-guilt set in. How could I be so ungrateful for this amazing life experience and especially for the 3rd time? Seth and I had always planned on having at least 3 kids, and with my “advanced maternal age” we felt grateful that it was happening at all. But I was MISERABLE!!! On top of it we had just moved to Hawaii, aka paradise, and my friends were always asking me how much I was loving my life in the most amazing destination. All I could think was “when I think of Hawaiian beaches I want to throw up.” Haha oh how hard that 1st trimester was.

A few weeks ago we decided to come out with the news officially on our personal Facebook and Instagram accounts and my angel mother in law Laura put together this gender reveal that we live streamed from our family reunion at Hayden Lake. She had a pinata filled with the baby’s gender colored candy and rose petals in either pink or blue. Here’s the video if you want to enjoy our surprise…

But I already knew!!! I was so sick with JoJo that I bought into the wive’s tale that you are sick with one gender and not the other. Now I’m just waiting for her to ‘steal my beauty’ because at the end of my pregnancy with JoJo someone told me that too. Thanks – I guess that means I used to be attractive haha:). But no matter the pregnancy woes it’s all worth it, right mamas? At least I can say that now that I’m feeling much better!

So it’s Week 18 and I’m actually feeling SO MUCH better minus the fact that my 2-year old gave me a nasty cold that I can’t take drugs for. But the nausea is gone yay! I feel for you mamas that go through what I did – and some much longer than I did. I’m here for you.

2 days after I found out I was pregnant we did this fun Mommi photo shoot with some of the most incredible mothers I have met in Honolulu since moving there in April. So this is a little flash-back that I took because I knew I would want to use at some point for the big announcement.. and that day is here!





Big things are coming and all in little packages – while I work on bringing this little baby to the world we are working on new and exciting things in prenatal nutrition. Some products I’m really excited about! That’s all I will say for now because this has taken MUCH longer than I thought it would… but it’s coming and hopefully very soon!

Check back in for updates and I promise I’ll be better on our Instagram and Facebook page so follow the journey!

How to Forever Capture the Beauty in Pregnancy with Leigh Castelli Photography

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful time of life, and yet we often feel ugly, swollen, sick and exhausted when we are right in the thick of it. It’s funny how you can look back and remember all the good, but it’s much easier said and done to soak up and focus on all the good moments, when accomplishing one of the most difficult things we will do as women – creating life.

So it’s amazing to me when the beauty of pregnancy can be captured so perfectly through photography – and when I first saw these images from Leigh Castelli Photography after our Mommi Photoshoot, I was blown away. The way she captures love and light and life are astounding. I wanted to experience it all over again in that small and powerful moment.

If you haven’t done maternity photography or aren’t sure if it’s for you… I say go for it. Leigh is located in San Diego if you are anywhere nearby – we are so grateful we had her in our backyard – she’s incredible!

Poolside or Beachside Perfection—Strawberry, Blueberry Smoothie

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Erin was sitting poolside drinking her strawberry, blueberry Mommi 3-in-1 shake—Protein + Prenatals + DHA never tasted …or felt this good. 

Now she’s on the beach in Hawaii and still enjoying this tasty treat.


It is simple to make and so refreshing.

– 10 oz coconut milk (or liquid of your choice)

– Handful of frozen strawberries

– Handful of frozen blueberries (frozen so you don’t have to add ice to make it cold)

– 1 serving Vanilla Mommi protein powder.

Blend it up and enjoy!! Preferably by the pool in CA or on the beach in Hawaii with Erin!!


The ONE Ingredient That Makes Hair Healthier Than a Prenatal

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When I was in college and definitely not trying to get pregnant, I was taking prenatals. Why, you may ask? Well I had just gone to a hair school to get a cheap haircut and the girl gave me bangs. And let’s just say that bangs were not a good look for me. So I needed my hair to grow… STAT. I went to the closest grocery store, grabbed a bottle of prenatals, and started a routine. And I’m telling you, it grew like Jack’s beanstalk.



Fast-forward 10 years and I found myself taking prenatals again, but this time I was pregnant. I was also lucky to have a lot of pregnancy-safe protein powder with prenatals and DHA lying around (thanks to Mommi:). Hair growth is not something I anticipated or even thought about while designing Mommi 3-in-1. I was looking specifically at prenatal health for the baby and mother’s benefit.

But naturally, it was a perfect fit for hair growth as well. And what I discovered was a really cool hidden benefit. The protein in Mommi was helping my hair grow just as much as the iron, biotin, copper, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, & E found in the shake (prenatals & DHA). So it was like a Blake-Lively-hair-party-for-9-months-and-beyond experience. Win win win win….winning (like Charlie Sheen but with way better hair).

Basically, protein in your diet helps the body to produce keratin, which is fundamental to the hair structure. When keratin weakens, hair strands are more prone to breakage. To nourish hair with protein, eat a diet that includes high-quality, lean protein, aka Mommi 3-in-1.


Don’t believe me? Give it a try? What have you got to lose? Definitely not your hair! Do you have any tips or tricks for hair growth that you want to share? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @mommihealth. I’d love to hear them!

Vanilla Cream Cupcakes from Eat Your Cake Too Were Definitely Favoring One Gender

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Who doesn’t love a delicious and absolutely GORGEOUS cupcake to reveal the gender of your unborn baby? As we were putting together the pieces for our recent Mommi photo shoot I was ecstatic that Kristine Guerrero of Eat Your Cake Too was willing to create her brilliant cupcake and cake masterpieces for us to enjoy. Our “baby shower” would not have been complete without them.

It was so much fun to see all of the genders revealed from our 12 beautiful Mommi mamas and to find out all at once that 9 of the 12 were boys!! And I’m not going to lie… it was really fun eating her baby shower mint ombre cake (see my enjoyment below) and sneaking cupcakes here and there as well! No shame in enjoying good cake!

Mommi_ChristyOdomPhotography_1188 d

It Takes a Village to Get Through a Pregnancy

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I know when I first found out I was pregnant I thought I would have this whole 9-month growing a human thing down. I had done a lot of hard things. Endured personal losses, navigated through the world of single dating in my 20s and early 30s before finding my match, fighting my way up the ladder in my career, battling anxiety, etc. I’m not complaining – I have had a great life so far. But we each have our struggles and I felt like I had overcome them pretty gracefully. Then I got pregnant.

I had always longed for the experience of pregnancy. Growing and dressing a cute baby bump, enjoying the pregnancy glow, indulging a little more with the “I’m eating for 2 excuse”. Then at the end of it all I would get to snuggle and love on a perfect little baby. That is the scenario I had dreamed about since I was 6 years old and realized I wanted to be a mom.


So when I actually realized my dream and found out I was “expecting” I was 3 months into my marriage and totally excited and very clueless. I remember going out to celebrate with my mom and sister 4 weeks in and looking forward to ordering my usual BBQ chicken salad and split pea soup at California Pizza Kitchen in La Jolla, CA. For the first time the nausea hit me like a wave. I ended up eating only the free bread and butter on the table (…and let the pregnancy weight gain begin). The next week I just struggled to get through each work day. I told my husband to stop touching me and that his smell was bugging me, and I was irritable at every turn. My skin broke out like it did when I was 13, and I didn’t get a baby bump, I got baby chub. My whole body started swelling up. At the end of 9-months, I was eating an entire pineapple a day to try to get the baby out (it doesn’t work by the way!), I had gained a whopping 75 lbs, and I looked like I had elephantitis. But the one thing that did come true from the fantasy I had dreamed up over all those years was the perfect baby girl I got at the end of all of it.

110114_0955 s-ZF-5104-92876-1-001-031

The end goal of having my daughter definitely got me through the entire 9 months, but during those excruciatingly long days of endless nausea, mashed potato-eating contests and constipation battles, it was my friends, family and support system that rallied. I HATE asking people for help and yet there I was helpless, and they were they without a second thought. Supporting me along the way and getting me to the end goal. Perfect strangers even stepped up to help me out on airplanes, with groceries, and letting me cut in line in public restrooms. It just felt like the village was getting me through – I was definitely not alone.

Going through all of that really inspired the direction of Mommi. I started the company with a team of awesome people when I was about 3 months pregnant, and the goal was to create superior prenatal nutrition (because carbs just weren’t cutting it and I knew it). I hated knowing that other pregnant women were struggling with the physical and emotional hardships of pregnancy just like me and I wanted to help.

Our vision is to bring women together during this difficult and confusing and wonderful time of life called pregnancy. Smart – Healthy – Strong.

A few days ago we started doing something we will do regularly throughout the year. We brought together a group of 13 beautiful pregnant women at different stages and we bonded during a photo shoot. We shared stories, ate gender reveal cupcakes and took maternity photos that we will share with you in a few weeks while we also get ready to announce a new product line! We are so excited about all of the support and love we received that photo shoot day and cannot WAIT to share the beauty of that day and these pregnancies with you.

We have some big announcements coming and we are so grateful you are part of this movement with us! For a chance to become part of the early adopters of new Mommi products make sure you are signed up for our newsletter and share this link with anyone you know that is thinking about getting pregnant, already pregnant, or breastfeeding a newborn. Our new products are designed specifically for the things you go through during pregnancy.

Connect with Erin Schurtz on Instagram @mommihealth – Twitter @erinschurtz – SnapChat @erinelton

Instagram Repost—Happy New Year From The Schurtz’s

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We tried to link our newsletter to our instagram post about our year in review! But technology got the best of us and it just would not work. So here is a repost of our Family New Years Photo and our instagram post.  I even included your comments, cause well we love to share!  

Thank you everyone for such great support and all the love in 2015. Watch out 2016 we have some ahhhhmazing things to share!

For now, follow us on Instagram @mommihealth and at @erinschurtz or also try our new family account @thehawaiifour.

  • erinschurtz2015 – what a year!! We survived a full deployment, got@byronjoseph back from his mission to Mexico, welcomed the sweetest baby Jamie boy into our family, lived with the wonderful @byronelton & @lindaelton for a few months this summer, took the coolest trip to Utah for an Elton family reunion where we found out both@lexiwallis AND @meganelton are pregnant, got a new cousin in the family handsome Krue (thanks to@carlyanncarlson & Chad), and took a trip to Arizona to visit Seth’s parents Jim & @lauraschurtz – amongst other things!! I’m so grateful for the blessings in my life. This is our last selfie of 2015 – I sure love my people. Let’s do 2016 together in style! #happynewyear everyone!!!

  • tarahbcHappy New Years you guys! We love your sweet family Cheers to a fabulous 2016!

  • erinschurtz@tarahbc we love you guys!!! Happy new year! Get home so we can hang out!

  • pregnancyperfectHappy new year, beautiful mama!

  • rockwhititJojo really Nailed this selfie!

  • erinschurtz@pregnancyperfect happy new year lady!!! All the best to you and your family

  • erinschurtz@rockwhitit She’s slowly and surely starting to get it hahaha!! Happy New Year!!

Eat for 2 ‘Guilt-Free’ This Thanksgiving – Traditional Thanksgiving Favorites Made Healthy

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Let’s face it – you feel like you have just eaten Thanksgiving dinner every single day that you are pregnant. So why add to the discomfort of growing an entire human by stuffing your face full of stuffing and turkey and pie, etc. etc. etc.

Thanksgiving Table Newsletter

We feel you – so over the last month we have tried making it easier on you by finding awesome and healthy recipes, and trying them out (you’re welcome:). We compiled our favorites for you to enjoy… drum roll… GUILT FREE!! **Side note – my favorite personal trainer Jane says that the average person eats about 3,800 calories just for Thanksgiving dinner alone! Not that it isn’t worth it once a year… but if you can enjoy the same wonderful taste without all the calories than why not??? We hope you enjoy – let us know your favorites! (Just click on each photo to get to the actual recipe)









It’s Holiday Time—Let the Party Begin: Egg-Not Nog

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There are so many wonderful flavors and spices to help you with your holiday treats and libations! Think pumpkin, cranberry, cinnamon, gingerbread, even nutmeg. And then of course, there is that love to hate holiday drink—egg nog.  Traditional holiday egg nog includes: heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar alcohol, oh and more sugar and maybe even bourbon. Come on, we know pregnant and nursing moms stay away from alcohol and let’s not even talk about loading up on all that sugar!

Luckily the great creators over at Nutrition Stripped have reworked this festive holiday drink and bring you the Egg-NOT Nog.  It is full of all sorts of great things like almond milk, cashews, macadamia nuts, warming spices, and even a hint of bourbon (if you are cleared for alcohol). Nutrition Stripped delivers this recipe way better than we ever could. So bump on over to Nutrition Stripped and prepare to create a holiday delight. Oh and just a side note, we at Mommi would also toss in 2 scoops of Vanilla, Mommi 3-in-1 protein to give this drink just the right amount of holiday boost.


Photo Credit: Nutrition Stripped

You Aren’t Acting Like Your Usual, Sweet Self Lately… and Other Lessons About Gratitude

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I was told the other day “You aren’t acting like your usual, sweet self lately… and it’s starting to bother me.” Bother you??? Well here is the thing – I’m bothered by just about everything lately. Here are a select few (obviously this stuff is on my mind, A LOT):
  • The fact that I wake up every time one of my kids even stirs during the night… so therefore I am tired all the time.
  • I only want to eat chips and I’m still starving unless I eat an entire bag of chips.
  • I’m judged for still breastfeeding my 6 month old son, and I’m judged when I consider stopping.
  • My 2 year old has become an artist and left her mark on the world in the form of marker, crayon and nail polish scribbles all over our walls and carpet.
  • All these fun ideas I have for new Mommi products take about 3 times as long to produce as I think they should.
  • I love working and I am proud of the work we have accomplished as a team at Mommi but I constantly feel like I’m inadequate as a mother and can’t figure out how to balance both so I can stop feeling guilty.
And I could go on and on actually… which is kind of embarrassing. But true.
I was feeling this way and definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. So I left the house to go on a run while my husband watched my sick children because he didn’t have to go into work until 12pm. Which was awesome – one thing to be grateful for I thought at the time.
Then a little miracle happened for my attitude that would go unrecognized by anyone watching. As I was running and stewing over all the imperfections in my life I passed a road construction worker on the side of the road wearing one of those bright orange vests and putting out cones on the street. He energetically waved at me with the biggest smile and said “Good Morning!”
My heavy heart lightened a little bit.
As I kept running I thought “I would hate working roadside all day doing back-breaking work, so I should really be grateful for my job as a mom and with Mommi.” I found it admirable that he was so happy despite having such a grueling job (even though he probably loves his job – this was just my perspective).
Then I had to run around an older couple out on the sidewalk slowly walking their dog. They were holding hands. I lost it. That morning I woke up to a crying baby and then walked past my full-length mirror with the thought “man you so fat – why can’t you ever stick to a diet or work out enough?” After I soothed my baby boy and climbed back into bed feeling haggardly as ever my husband pulled me close to him, kissed me on the forehead and said “I love you”. At the time I thought “how can you love me when I look like this?” But when I saw the older couple it all made sense – pure love transcends any shortcomings we hold ourselves to.
My thoughts started changing from a negative downward spiral to uplifting and heart-warming. And I was so grateful… it sucks spending your day down in the dumps.
Life gets hard and sometimes it feels like the odds are against us. Everyone is dealing with some kind of battle. For me, it doesn’t help to pretend everything is OK. When I fake it I usually don’t make it. Instead there are reminders all around to help me remember the good things and not dwell on the bad. Or to change the bad into something good and realize that everything is OK and life is good.
I kissed my husband and my babies with more purpose last night. Then I wrote about it in this post. There are a thousand things to be grateful for but my top 2 on the day I needed them most? That street construction worker and a sweet elderly couple. Tomorrow it may be something else or maybe I will be the influence someone needs to brighten their day. Either way, I’m grateful.
Thank You! Thank You!

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