Do prenatal vitamins help make nails and hair stronger?

It really depends on what is in the prenatal vitamin. Like multivitamins, prenatal vitamins have varying minerals and vitamins and are not always complete. Additionally, the source of the underlying ingredient is almost always different and has a direct impact on digestibility and overall impact on your body. What nutrients support nail and hair strength… Read More

How much protein do women need daily?

If you have ever sought information on how to make your diet healthier, chances are good you learned that you should increase the amount of daily protein you consume. There are many good reasons why proteins are so important. Proteins are actually complex molecules comprised of different amino acids: these acids help body build structures… Read More

Are protein shakes safe for women?

When thinking of protein shakes, most people immediately think of body builders. Lifting weights and protein go hand-in-hand, and many body builders do add supplemental protein shakes to their daily routines to encourage proper muscle development. The benefit of protein, however, goes far beyond body building. It is important for every individual to consume an… Read More

Is protein good for your mental health?

Proper nutrition is an excellent contributor to good mental health. While it should seem obvious—sugary, processed foods generally make you feel tired, while vitamin-packed non-processed foods give you energy— too often people fail to consider the benefits that healthy eating provides to one’s general well being. Does protein contribute to mental health? Mental health is… Read More

What is the best type of protein for women?

Have you wondered what is the best type of protein for women?  Protein is found in a variety of food products. For women, particularly those looking to lose weight, not all sources of protein are good sources. Some products such as milk and cheese are high in saturated fat, which can ultimately create an adverse… Read More

Using protein powder to lose weight

Protein shakes can be exceptional tools for losing weight because and can be used as meal supplements, depending on the ingredients. It is important to consider, however, that protein shakes should not replace more than one meal per day. Along those lines, if you are including intense workout regimens into your weight loss plan, then… Read More

Protein shake recipes

Need some protein recipe shake ideas?  Check out Mommi’s library of delicious, easy-to-make protein shake recipes.

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