How to Forever Capture the Beauty in Pregnancy with Leigh Castelli Photography

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful time of life, and yet we often feel ugly, swollen, sick and exhausted when we are right in the thick of it. It’s funny how you can look back and remember all the good, but it’s much easier said and done to soak up and focus on all the good moments, when accomplishing one of the most difficult things we will do as women – creating life.

So it’s amazing to me when the beauty of pregnancy can be captured so perfectly through photography – and when I first saw these images from Leigh Castelli Photography after our Mommi Photoshoot, I was blown away. The way she captures love and light and life are astounding. I wanted to experience it all over again in that small and powerful moment.

If you haven’t done maternity photography or aren’t sure if it’s for you… I say go for it. Leigh is located in San Diego if you are anywhere nearby – we are so grateful we had her in our backyard – she’s incredible!