A Grand Adventure is About to Begin

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A Grand Adventure is About to Begin

— Winnie the Pooh

Seth took me on a date the night we took the pregnancy test that said positive. It was funny because we had been trying for several months and I had taken countless tests and was “over it”. On the way home we realized we needed milk or our daughter would freak out on us in the morning, so at checkout he surprised me by throwing a little test on the conveyor belt. Then the adventure began!

I fell off the face of the earth and onto my couch for the next 3 months because I got incredibly¬†sick! I was hoping I wouldn’t because my pregnancy with my 2nd boy Jamie was so smooth. But this one reminded me all too much of my 1st girl JoJo. So unfortunately the joy that overcame me when I found out I was pregnant was majorly overshadowed by extreme nausea 24/7.

Then the mom-guilt set in. How could I be so ungrateful for this amazing life experience and especially for the 3rd time? Seth and I had always planned on having at least 3 kids, and with my “advanced maternal age” we felt grateful that it was happening at all. But I was MISERABLE!!! On top of it we had just moved to Hawaii, aka paradise, and my friends were always asking me how much I was loving my life in the most amazing destination. All I could think was “when I think of Hawaiian beaches I want to throw up.” Haha oh how hard that 1st trimester was.

A few weeks ago we decided to come out with the news officially on our personal Facebook and Instagram accounts and my angel mother in law Laura put together this gender reveal that we live streamed from our family reunion at Hayden Lake. She had a pinata filled with the baby’s gender colored candy and rose petals in either pink or blue. Here’s the video if you want to enjoy our surprise…

But I already knew!!! I was so sick with JoJo that I bought into the wive’s tale that you are sick with one gender and not the other. Now I’m just waiting for her to ‘steal my beauty’ because at the end of my pregnancy with JoJo someone told me that too. Thanks – I guess that means I used to be attractive haha:). But no matter the pregnancy woes it’s all worth it, right mamas? At least I can say that now that I’m feeling much better!

So it’s Week 18 and I’m actually feeling SO MUCH better minus the fact that my 2-year old gave me a nasty cold that I can’t take drugs for. But the nausea is gone yay! I feel for you mamas that go through what I did – and some much longer than I did. I’m here for you.

2 days after I found out I was pregnant we did this fun Mommi photo shoot with some of the most incredible mothers I have met in Honolulu since moving there in April. So this is a little flash-back that I took because I knew I would want to use at some point for the big announcement.. and that day is here!





Big things are coming and all in little packages – while I work on bringing this little baby to the world we are working on new and exciting things in prenatal nutrition. Some products I’m really excited about! That’s all I will say for now because this has taken MUCH longer than I thought it would… but it’s coming and hopefully very soon!

Check back in for updates and I promise I’ll be better on our Instagram and Facebook page so follow the journey!