Help Us Adopt Two Families this Christmas

2017 has been a challenging year for so many and we felt particularly close to Hurricane Harvey as we had to evacuate only for it to move north right before it hit land. Our damage was minimal but for many in towns 15 minutes from us the hurricane leveled their homes and they are currently bouncing around FEMA housing or living in PODS that are normally used for storage. We are adopting 2 families for Christmas this year and really want to make it extra special. There are 7 kids ages 3-14.

Seth and I ordered our gifts for the family on Amazon last night to make sure they arrive before Christmas. We are hand-delivering everything and will send you pics if you send something for the cause! Just message me with what you want to send and I will give you our address if you want to send it via Amazon or another way. If you prefer to donate cash, then click the donate button anywhere in this post (it will let you donate using a credit card, your Paypal account, or your Venmo account).

Contact me about your contribution

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Purchased:) 5 year old girl – ABC Toys and/or books & stuffed animals
  • Purchased:) 14 year old girl – an art kit
  • Purchased:) 5 year old boy – Action toys
  • Purchased:) 8 year old girl – barbie
  • 10 year old boy – science toys
  • 10 year old girl – Hello Kitty stuff
  • 5 year old girl – stuffed animals
  • 12 year old boy – science toys
  • Parents – tools for rebuilding their home – (Purchased:) blankets – pajamas

Again – you guys are AWESOME! I know you are already doing so much to light the world this holiday season so thank you for helping this family in our town.

Merry Christmas!!

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