Apple Pie Prenatal Protein Shakes with Andrea!

So it’s October and everybody (including me…) has pumpkin on the brain. And why shouldn’t they? Pumpkin is delicious! BUT let’s not forget about all the other delicious fall flavors…like apple pie! It’s pretty much the most American, cozy, fall, missing home type of food out there. So why not turn that delicious food into a healthy shake, right? I know, that’s what you were thinking too… I’m excited to announce that I’ll continue to […]

Mommi Breastfeeding GIVEAWAY!

Hi breastfeeding mamas! We know how wonderful and challenging breastfeeding can be and so we wanted to put together a little something to make the experience even sweeter:). We have partnered up with 5 amazing brands to bring you the best products for breastfeeding mamas we could find. The Mommi Breastfeeding Giveaway will run from Oct […]

From One Mom to Another – Marisa's Story

I have met some incredible mother’s in my life – especially since starting Mommi and trying to make the world of prenatal nutrition better. I have heard a lot of inspirational and heartbreaking stories and Marisa is one of the most touching. Infertility is one of the most difficult things women go through in their […]

From One Mom To Another – Tara's Story

As you know by now we love motherhood and we love to celebrate some awesome moms out there that are inspiring in their own unique way. Today we are excited to talk to Tara Mills, a Navy wife and mother of almost 2 babes! Tara thank you for your family’s sacrifice for the freedoms we […]

My Dad… My Hero

It’s almost Father’s Day and yesterday we promised you that we would dedicate our blog all week to the baby daddy’s that make it happen – because afterall, it takes two. So I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without a little self indulgence… this one is dedicated to my guy, and really all the dad’s […]