My Dad… My Hero

It’s almost Father’s Day and yesterday we promised you that we would dedicate our blog all week to the baby daddy’s that make it happen – because afterall, it takes two. So I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without a little self indulgence… this one is dedicated to my guy, and really all the dad’s […]

Celebrating all the Baby Daddy's

Sometimes at Mommi we focus so much on what it means to be a mother that we don’t take the time to acknowledge the role that father’s have in pregnancy and parenthood. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend we wanted to celebrate all that fatherhood means through the week with guest posts from some […]

10 Ways to Reduce Nausea During Pregnancy

You’ll constantly hear about why it’s so important for you to eat healthy during your pregnancy. But what do you think one of the biggest obstacles is for why we don’t?! I hear (and remember) that nausea during pregnancy makes it difficult to follow a healthier eating regime even if you were eating healthy prior to becoming pregnant. […]