protein and breastfeeding

Preparing Your Body for Breastfeeding

Article updated on January 25, 2022 Making Milk When You Want to Shed the Unwanted Pounds In the last few ...
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Protein and Pregnancy

Great review from an independent dietician on protein use during pregnancy.  We especially appreciate making Total Shape's the Top 5 ...
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Tasty Recipes

Download our shake e-book!  It is full of recipes that you can try using Mommi.  Each recipe was designed to ...
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How much protein can women ACTUALLY absorb in one hour?

Protein Absorption and Pregnancy These days it's popular to buy protein products that boast high grams of protein as a ...
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FREE Product Roadmap to bring your product ideas to life!

Hi mamas! And actually anyone out there reading this because you have an idea for a product and just aren't ...
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Mother’s Day Giveaway – FREE Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder for your entire pregnancy

Motherhood is something to really celebrate! And pregnancy? Well, that's just about the greatest gift to celebrate the beginning of ...
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ICP in Pregnancy — Fight the Itch!

My niece, Mekayla, recently gave birth to my second great niece (yes showing my age)! Baby Cora came early because ...
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Practicing Mindfulness During Pregnancy

Being Present For the last year, I’ve been thinking - “it’s a good thing I’m going to have one more ...
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Folic Acid vs. Folate—What’s the Difference?

Lucky 13 Did you know that there are 13 vitamins essential to your survival? Some of the most important ones ...
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Juggling Family, Work and Loving You

Why I work and spend time away from my kids I love

Morning Breath I woke up the other day and my 3-year-old son came to snuggle.  He climbed up and snuggled ...
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Mommi Ambassador Program 2019 – All the Details!

Become a Mommi Ambassador, get free product & get paid. Who is eligible: Anyone who loves good nutrition is excited ...
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Pills vs. Liquid Prenatal Vitamins — Is There a Difference?

Long before I ever dreamed of having kids - mostly because I was young and single and living it up ...
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