Myth #1: You need to eat for two

Pregnancy is the one time you are encouraged to gain weight. It doesn't mean that you can eat whatever, and whenever. And it doesn't mean you need to eat for two! Eating well and appropriately is essential for your health and that of your baby!

The food you eat while pregnant will have a lifelong impact on your child.

So what, and how much should you eat?

Here is what the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has to say on the subject.

Here is a quick rule of thumb:

  • During first trimester: between 0-100 extra calories per day
  • Second and third trimester: between 300-450 calories with 25 gram of protein (see also the USDA calculator to find out the exact amount.

Myth #2: Nothing helps with Nausea

Morning sickness stinks but it might not be all that bad. A new study indicates that morning sickness (which is not always in the morning) may be a sign that the baby is developing well.  Not all pregnancies are the same, and every individual is different but there are a few things you can do to help soothe your nausea. Baby Center offers these 12 morning sickness remedies . We are especially partial to #5 Protein and Vitamin B6!

Myth #3: Pregnancy is 9 months of fatigue.

Although fatigue is often experienced in the very early stages of pregnancy there are many ways you can combat the pooped stage!

What to Expect offers this terrific guide to the causes of pregnancy fatigue and what you can do about it. Diet, exercise and of course being good to yourself are key takeaways! 

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