The Dad’s Beside the Mom’s of Mommi ???

Mommi was founded by moms for moms. But there are some pretty awesome dads right there beside each one of us! Today of all days we have the opportunity to show them off a little more than usual. They are all pretty modest so we will brag for them! Bobby Quintanar – Co-Founder & OB/GYN […]

Let's Hear it for the Dads!

Recently we’ve had a few Dads-to-Be engage with us during #BumpBuzz—our weekly twitter chats. These Dads shared their anxiety with becoming a new dad, were quick to ask questions and most of all grateful for the support from the Twitter community.  This got us thinking about how the role of dads before, during and after […]

The Dad Behind Mommi

First of all, when we first started developing Mommi 3-in-1 and our roadmap to future products, I was in “Girl Power” mode and thought it was great that Yvonne Bohn and Rachel Jones had joined our company as experts in their fields and also mothers. Creating products for pregnant women and even women in general […]

My Dad… My Hero

It’s almost Father’s Day and yesterday we promised you that we would dedicate our blog all week to the baby daddy’s that make it happen – because afterall, it takes two. So I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without a little self indulgence… this one is dedicated to my guy, and really all the dad’s […]