protein and TTC

3 Simple Nutritional Tips for TTC

Trying to conceive, lovingly referred to as TTC, is a stressful time for mamas-to-be. There are a lot of factors to consider from ovulation tracking, to exercise, and one of the most important, getting the proper nutrition your body needs for the best chances of conceiving a baby. But here’s the kicker – it’s hard […]

Driving the Car with My Little Girl Greysen

Hi there it’s me, Mommi Ambassador Maria, I am now 7 weeks postpartum. I went back to work part-time this week and I am determined to stay on track with my fitness. Squeezing in workouts has become more challenging than ever. Regardless of how hectic my day is I try to get at least a […]

Momspiration – NJ Fit Mama

Today we bring you our “Momspiration” from Team Mommi member Keri Elkin or as many know her—the New Jersey Fit Mama. In Keri’s words…Having kids was my inspiration for motivating moms to be healthy & fit during and after their pregnancy.  My hope is to keep as many moms out of “mom jeans” as possible […]

Exercise During Pregnancy – Let's Break it Down

Women often worry about safe exercise during pregnancy. But with these five simple and easy to remember rules regarding exercise during pregnancy you can rest easy (or should I say work a bit harder!). Simplicity=Success, right?! 1.Do what you’ve been doing, or start slow- A common question is if you could even work out while you’re […]