Exercise During Pregnancy – Let's Break it Down

Women often worry about safe exercise during pregnancy. But with these five simple and easy to remember rules regarding exercise during pregnancy you can rest easy (or should I say work a bit harder!). Simplicity=Success, right?! 1.Do what you’ve been doing, or start slow- A common question is if you could even work out while you’re […]

The Dad Behind Mommi

First of all, when we first started developing Mommi 3-in-1 and our roadmap to future products, I was in “Girl Power” mode and thought it was great that Yvonne Bohn and Rachel Jones had joined our company as experts in their fields and also mothers. Creating products for pregnant women and even women in general […]

My Dad… My Hero

It’s almost Father’s Day and yesterday we promised you that we would dedicate our blog all week to the baby daddy’s that make it happen – because afterall, it takes two. So I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without a little self indulgence… this one is dedicated to my guy, and really all the dad’s […]