Creamsicle Protein Shake

How much protein can women ACTUALLY absorb in one hour?

Protein Absorption and Pregnancy These days it’s popular to buy protein products that boast high grams of protein as a great thing for your body – and especially during pregnancy, many OBGYNs and nutritionists suggest up to 70 grams a day for the average pregnancy. Which is intimidating to say the least! Especially if you are […]

A Mommi Baby Announcement!

Well here I am Mommi followers – prenatal protein shake in hand (or next to me on my desk) while writing about my exciting news. Although I’ve already come out with it on Facebook which makes everything official, I haven’t told any of you yet that I’m pregnant! It happened earlier than we had planned, but Seth […]

Is Protein Powder Safe During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, it’s important to make sure you’re fulfilling all the dietary needs for both you and your baby. During the 9 months of pregnancy, your nutrient requirements increase to support the rapid growth and development of your baby. When your nutrient intake falls below optimum levels, fetal growth is compromised. Nutrients will […]