Should I continue to take my prenatal vitamin while taking Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder?

You can take Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder before, during, and after pregnancy as well as when nursing. Make your favorite Protein shake or smoothie with Mommi and on the days that you take a full serving of your Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder you do not need to take your prenatal vitamin.  Not only is each shake delicious but each shake has a complete prenatal in it. You won’t even know you just got all the vitamins you normally have to choke down with a horse pill.

Most doctors recommend you start taking a prenatal vitamin up to a year before trying to get pregnant. Women who are breastfeeding need about 25 grams of extra protein as well as 400-500 extra calories.  Getting extra protein and calories can help maximize your milk supply and enhance the baby’s growth and development.

Many of our customers take Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder when they are not pregnant as a meal replacement or as a nutritional supplement.

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